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Educator: Welcome to Robix™ Quotation Express.
Quotation Express is new. Please help us by reporting comments and problems to

How Quotation Express works:
  • Fill your cart with Robix Rascal sets and/or replacement parts.
  • Click Prepare Quote from the cart screen.
  • Fill in or update your address data as desired to appear on this quote.
  • Click Send Quote, and your formal quote is emailed to you as a pdf.
  • Produce as many quotes as you like with no obligation to use any of them.
  • We have no sales staff. You'll be left in peace.

Quotes Only, No Sales:

Robix Quotation Express is not a store and so does not accept payments or orders. Instead, purchase orders are accepted from your school, college or university with automatic 30 day payment terms. And although our prices are subject to change without notice, your quotations are honored for 60 days from date of issue.

Educators Only:


The Rascal robot construction set is sold exclusively to educational institutions. Our aim is to instruct students and incite them to greatness. Educators are our most natural allies and customers.

No Middlemen:


You and your purchasing department deal directly with us from pre-sale questions to the sale itself, and then for post-sale support.

Two-Source Replacement Parts Policy:
  • On most commodity items Robix Quotation Express helps you bypass Robix pricing and order directly from our own suppliers.
  • Typically save 40% to 75% over Robix prices by ordering directly from our suppliers.
  • All suppliers we recommend accept small orders, credit cards, and your institution's purchase orders without pre-qualification.
  • Our two main suppliers provide about 90% of the parts you'll typically need to replace:
  • McMaster-Carr stocks all of the machine screws, washers, hex keys, safety tape and safety glasses used in the Rascal set.
  • Maxx Products stocks the exact servos and extensions we use.

Welcome to Quotation Express.